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We are the administrator for domain names ending in .dk.

With tjekpånettet.dk you can test whether a suspicious link is real or not.

Imagine you've received an email or text message with a suspicious link in it. Before you click on the link, you want to double-check whether you're about to walk into a trap.

Check it with tjekpånettet.dk and get an indication of whether you can trust the link or not.

How can we help?

If your website or e-mail address is not working, it may be because we have suspended your domain name. The most common reason for doing this is that we have not received payment for the domain name.

You can easily get your website or e-mail address up and working again by restoring the domain name through your login to our online self-service portal.

When you are logged in, you can either go to "Payment and invoices" and pay the invoice under "Open invoices" or you can go to "Domain name" and choose "Restore domain name" on the select button next to your domain.

The restoration fee is DKK 125 per domain name.

If a domain name is not restored within 30 days of the date of suspension, we delete the domain name.

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Did you forget your log-in information?

You can find your user ID by clicking here.

You can find your password by clicking here.

You can easily register a domain name by following these three steps:

  1. Check to see if the domain name is available in our whois database.
  2. Register the domain name through one of our approved domain name providers. You can see a list of .dk domain name providers.
  3. Activate the domain name by entering into the agreement with us concerning the right to use a domain name in our online self-service portal.

The domain name is now ready to use.

Punktum dk is the administrator of all Danish domain names.

Our three most important tasks are:

  • To maintain a database of all .dk domain names.
  • To ensure the reliable operation of the Danish part of DNS.
  • Works to strengthen the security on the Internet, so that everyone can have confidence in the .dk-domains.

Punktum dk is a private company owned by the Dansk Internet Forum (DIFO). All Danish domain names are a public resource. The task of administering these domain names is outsourced to Punktum dk and DIFO. Our business does not aim to generate profits for any shareholders. DIFO, on behalf of the Danish internet community, is a guarantee for secure, fair and affordable access to the internet.

We are the digital backbone

of Denmark

We make sure that the Danish part of the internet always works.

Our most important task is to make sure, that all websites ending with .dk are always accessible.


Every time a website viewed, or an email is sent, a lot happens behind the scenes. This is what is called DNS (Domain Name System).

Each hour, we have approx.:


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And that is why we take care of those that has a .dk domain, and all of us who use the internet.

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We take great care that Danish websites and e-mail addresses are as secure as possible.



Currently we have

.dk domains registered, and every week some are added, and some are closed.

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You can do that to be more secure:

Check your site's security:

Sikker på nettet.dk

Check the link before you click:

There are close to


.dk domains with special characters (IDN)

In Denmark


of all domains ends with .dk

65 %

of all .dk domains are signed with DNSSEC

How to get a .dk domain

alt tekst

Search and find it

Check if the domain name is available in our whois database. You can also read more about which characters you can use in a .dk domain and how long it must be.

Find .dk domain

How to get a .dk domain

alt tekst

Register the domain

A registrar is a company that mediates the registration of a domain name to Punktum dk. Sometimes it is also called a web hotel.

Punktum dk's registrars of .dk domains can be seen here.

Find forhandler

How to get a .dk domain

alt tekst

Complete ID check

Complete the ID check on our online self-service or follow the link we have sent you by email.

Go to the self-service

Having a .dk domain

Choose a .dk domain if you want to secure your personal place on the internet.

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Svampejagt familie

Security on .dk domains

Technical solutions that can help increase the security of domains.

Learn more about domain security