At registrere et .dk-domænenavn hos Punktum dk

Good to know when registering a .dk domain name

To be able to use a .dk domain name, you must be a customer with us.



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Who are we?

Punktum dk is the administrator of all domain names ending with .dk.

We administer a database with contact information on anyone who has registered a .dk domain name. In addition, we maintain part of the infrastructure on the Danish part of the Internet.



Entering into an agreement with Punktum dk

To use a .dk domain name, you must enter into an agreement with us regarding the right of use of the domain name.

In the vast majority of cases, the agreement entering is part of the purchase process with our registrars. However, with some registrars, this happens when the purchase process with them is complete.



Punktum dk is an infrastructure provider and thus does not sell .dk domain names directly. This happens with our resellers (registrars), who often also host your website and / or email address.


Why ID check?

ID check ensure that we are completely in control who our users are. This can help prevent cybercrime in the .dk zone.

We are aware of the increased crime on the Internet and by introducing ID check, we can be sure that we know our customers' identity. If you know the identity of the person behind a website, the risk of the website being used for fraud or scams is significantly lower.

You have to go through the ID check in order to activate your domain name.


Please provide correct contact information

When registering your new domain name with a registrar, it is important that your contact details (name, address, etc.) are correct. This ensures fast and smooth ID control.

The e-mail address you select as primary should not be associated with the new domain name. For example, you can choose a gmail or Hotmail. This is due to the fact, that you must be able to receive e-mails from us before the domain name is active.

If you have other domains, you should connect your new domain name to your existing user ID, if possible.


Order of registration, modifying or deleting

Punktum dk processes inquiries about the registration, change and deletion of domain names in the order, in which the inquiries are received.

We can receive inquiries about this from our registrars through an electronic interface (EPP) and through a portal made available to our registrars (Registrar portal).

Registrants of domain names can change and delete domain names through the self-service solution, that is made available to all registrants via our website.

We do not differentiate between how the inquiries are received in this process.