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How can we help you?

We have been made aware that the provider CloudNordic (Azerocloud) has been affected by a breakdown.

It has therefore been necessary for our registrants to find another provider for DNS.

This requires the registrant to change name servers via our self-service.

For instructions on changing name servers, you can follow our guide here


How to log in:

Remember that you can log in with your NemID or MitID if you have previously connected it with your profile.

If you have not previously connected a NemID/MitID, and you cannot receive login information on your current contact email with us, then do the following:

As a company:
You need to make sure that the e-mail address you have provided in the CVR register is updated to an active e-mail to which we can send login information. We must be able to see the e-mail address by public posting on CVR under "Extended company information" at
Afterwards you must call us and inform us that you have updated your e-mail address.

As a private registrant:
You must call our customer service (33 64 60 60) from your specified contact number and have the contact email updated.
If none of the above is an option, we must ask you to send a written inquiry in order to validate your information. You can write to us here.


For more information about the situation at CloudNordic.


If your website or e-mail address is not working, it may be because we have suspended your domain name. The most common reason for doing this is that we have not received payment for registration of the domain name.

You can easily get your website or e-mail address up and working again by restoring the domain name in our online self-service portal.

The restoration fee is DKK 125 per domain name. A domain name can be suspended for three months. If it is not restored within three months, we delete the registration of the domain name.

From 31 October 2023, it will no longer be possible to use NemID.

You must therefore ensure that you have added MitID to your login at Punktum dk, which you can do in our self-service.

Here you must log in with your MitID, after which you will be asked to enter your user ID and password. Then follow the on-screen wizard to associate your MitID.

If you experience problems logging in, you can read more here

For more information about processing NemID, you can read more here

You must transfer the domain name if you want to give it to another person.

Please note, that you cannot transfer the domain if there is an unpaid invoice on the domain name. Please pay the invoice and then you can transfer the domain name.

There is a fee of 70.00 DKK to accept the transfer of a domain name and become the new registrant. When you have transferred the domain name you no longer have the right to use it.

Step 1

Choose "Transfer to new registrant" in the drop-down menu in the "Manage" column.
PLEASE NOTE! If you wish to transfer more than one domain name, you can find it under "Manage multiple domain names" at the bottom of the screen.

Transfer 1

Step 2

Enter the user ID of the person or company you wish to transfer the domain name to.

If you know the user ID of the person or company you wish to transfer to, choose "Request a known user". If you do not know the user ID of the person or company, you wish to transfer to, choose "Request an unknown user / new user". Press CONTINUE.

Transfer 2

Step 3

Make sure you entered the correct information and press CONFIRM.

The new registrant of the domain names will receive a request by e-mail to accept the transfer. The transfer will not be carried out until the new registrant has accepted and paid.

PLEASE NOTE! If you are only proxy of the domain name the current registrant must confirm the transfer of the domain name before it can be carried out. The current registrant will receive a request by email. Once the current registrant has confirmed that the transfer may be carried out the future registrant will receive an email with a request to accept the transfer. When the future registrant has accepted the transfer it will be carried out.

Transfer 3

Do you need to contact us?

Unfortunately, the payment date of an already issued invoice cannot be changed.

If we have not received payment for your domain name before it expires, the domain name will be suspended.

You can subsequently restore the domain name if we receive payment of the renewal fee and a restore fee within 30 days of the domain name being suspended. This must be paid online with a credit card on our self-service portal.

PLEASE NOTE: If one or more domain names are suspended, a restore fee of DKK 125 is payable per suspended domain name. This fee is payable in addition to the original invoice.

If you want to change the billing contact, you should do so on our self-service portal.

The change will apply from the next invoice issued for the domain name.

Once an invoice has been issued, it is unfortunately not possible to change the billing contact until we have received payment for the invoice already sent.

If the registrant for one or more domain names has passed away, only the deceased's heir can gain access to manage (transfer or delete) the domain name.
To access this, the heir must submit a probate certificate.

If there are more than one heir, a power of attorney must be submitted from them, giving the desired heir the right to administer the right to use the domain name.

This must be submitted via our contact form which can be found here:

Use “My profile” and the subject “Bankruptcy/estate”

When you are a registrant of a .dk domain name, you must, in accordance with the terms for .dk domain names, ensure that your address information is correct at all times and can be documented.

It is therefore not possible to be a registrant for one or more domain names without having an address and being able to document a relation to it.

If you want to be able to use a .dk domain, you can ask someone close to you who has an address to carry out the ID check instead. Please note that in that case the domain name will be registered to this person.

Danish citizens can only use .dk domains with NemID validation.

Everyone who has a .dk domain name, who is resident in Denmark, must associate a NemID with their profile on self-service. The process starts automatically when you log in to self-service.

You cannot be exempted from using NemID in Denmark - you can only be exempt from using digital mail and online self-service in public institutions, but since Punktum dk is not a public institution, it does not apply to us.

Read more on NemID's website.

Validation means that Punktum dk compares the name and address information provided to us with the information listed in the Danish National Register of Persons/Companies.

The name and address information of registrants with a Danish address is validated by checking the above-mentioned registers at the time a domain name is created. This way, we are certain that all contact information for our registrants is accurate.

Once your information is validated, you do not have to update your address information anywhere else than in the Danish National Register of Persons/Companies. However, you must still keep your other contact information, such as your e-mail address, up to date.

Did you forget your log-in information?

You can find your user ID by clicking here.

You can find your password by clicking here.

When you register a new .dk domain name, you can inform your registrar about the user ID you already have. If you do not inform the registrar, a new user ID will automatically be created every time you register a new .dk domain name.

If you have several user IDs registered with exactly the same contact details, you can merge these into a single user ID on our self-service portal.


You must contact the Danish National Register of Persons (Folkeregistret) and apply for name and address protection in the register of persons. Once you have name and address protection, you will also be hidden in the whois database.

Read more about name and address protection at

Read more about, who can see your information here.

Unfortunately, we do not support NemID use on hardware.

If you do not use a NemID code file, key card or app, and can only use NemID on hardware, you should contact our Customer Service, which can initiate an alternative ID check.

You can contact our Customer Service via the form below.

Have you forgotten your login information for our self-service?

You can have a new login sent to you here.

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Can't find your invoice?

In our self-service, you can get an overview of all your payments and outstanding invoices.

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Need to change nameservers?

If you want to change hosting providers, your domain name must have new name servers.

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If you need help or have questions, please contact us, and we will get back to you as fast as possible.


Have you won a complaint?

Read about how you can get a domain transferred after a complaint.