Complaint about website content

If you wish to complain about the content of a website with a .dk web address, the venue for the complaint will depend on the nature of the case.

Fraud or other IT related financial crime

The police are the proper authority to investigate criminal offences, such as fraud. This also applies to cases of abuse of personal data on a website and cases of infringement of intellectual property rights, for example by selling counterfeit goods.

For more information about reporting criminal offences to the police.

Unauthorised use of personal data

Unauthorised use of personal data, or communication of personal data to a third party, can be reported to the Danish Data Inspectorate. For example, a third party may copy a registrant’s contact details from Punktums dk’s public WHOIS database and use these for purposes that have not been authorised by the registrant. Similarly, images of an individual may have been used or published on a website without the consent of the person in question.

You will find more information about the Danish Data Inspectorate at their website:

Request for suspension of a .dk domain name

The Danish courts assess the legality of website content. Therefore, as a general rule, we require a court order containing a court assessment of the legality of the websites in question in order to delete or transfer a .dk domain name.

However, there are four special suspension rules regarding website content in Punktum dk’s terms and conditions which allow us to suspend and, subsequently, to delete, block or transfer a domain name.

Complaints about website content for other reasons

A complaint about use of a .dk domain name, for example content of a website under the .dk domain name, may be brought before the Danish Complaints Board for Domain Names. This is an independent board that specifically processes complaints about registration and use of .dk domain names.

For more information about the Danish Complaints Board for Domain Names, see the Board’s website: You will also find instructions on how to submit a complaint here.

Of course, you are also entitled to bring a dispute about website content under a .dk domain name before the ordinary courts. For more information about this, see the Danish courts’ website: