Typosquatting refers to the systematic registration of a domain name that, apart from the odd letter or due to a simple interchange of words, resembles an already existing domain name. Consequently, typosquatting refers to use of a domain name to create confusion with another, almost identical, domain name.

You can complain about typosquatting at Punktum dk if a number of conditions are met.

Which conditions must be met?

In order for us to be able to use this rule to suspend the domain name, these conditions must be met:

  1. There is an obvious risk that the spelling or typing errors of internet users when they type an URL in an address bar are used to create confusion with a different almost identical domain name and thereby generate traffic on their own website,
  2. The registrant of the domain name that is exploited in the case of confusion submits a notification,
  3. The Domain Name that is exploited in the case of confusion and the notified domain name are active in relation to the public, for example for the operation of a website,
  4. The notified domain name is registered at a later time than the notifier had his/her domain name registered,
  5. The registrant of the notified domain name does not have relevant trademark rights or rights to names or other distinctive marks or any other technical reason to make use of the domain name, and
  6. The registrant of the notified domain name and/or a legal or natural person who is closely related to the registrant has registered at least two other domain names with a corresponding obvious risk of confusion as mentioned above.

It is important to note that all conditions must be met before we can suspend the domain name. If all conditions are not met, Punktum dk does not have the authority to make use of this rule to suspend the domain name.

For further details and the exact wording of this suspension rule, see paragraph 9.1 of our Terms and Conditions.

How do you submit a complaint?

If you are the registrant of a domain name affected by typosquatting, you can submit a complaint by filling out our contact form

We will then investigate the case and decide whether the complaint should result in suspension with a view to blocking or deleting the domain name.