VID service

Protect your domain name from security breaches and human error with our VID service.

It can have serious consequences for your company if you by mistake delete your domain name, the domain name is transferred to someone else, or the bill is not paid on time.

If your domain name is important to you, you should consider our VID service. VID stands for Very Important Domain name, and the service protects your domain name from security breaches, oversights and human error.

VID service is unavailable together with registrar management.

Major companies, major online stores and well-known brands that are entirely dependent on their domain name are the typical users of our VID service.

Important actions must be approved by more than one person

You can assign up to three VID contacts (for instance, a marketing manager, security manager or head of legal) who have to approve important actions regarding the domain name and who will be informed of less important actions. These three people have equal status and serve as an extra safeguard.

The following actions are categorized as important:

  • External change of name servers – when a name server has been replaced
  • Change of domain name registrant (transfer)
  • Cancellation of a domain name

If the person who registered the domain name initiates the action, it will only require the approval of one VID contact.

If the action are initiated by a proxy or name server manager associated with the domain name, the registrant receives a request by email that has to be approved. After that a VID contact has to approve the action as well.

When the respective parties have approved the action, the registrant receives a registered letter with an option for final approval of the action.

Less important actions

The following actions also require the approval of a VID contact person, but the registrant does not have to approve by a registered letter.

  • DNSSEC cancellation
  • DNSSEC registration
  • Removal of DNSSEC keys
  • Assigning of DNSSEC keys
  • Publication of DNSSEC keys
  • Revocation of DNSSEC keys
  • Manual change of registrant’s address

VID contacts will be notified of the following actions:

  • Change of registration period for a domain name
  • Automatic change of registrant’s address
  • Change of registrant’s email address
  • Creation of a VID contact
  • Deletion of a VID contact
  • Assigning of new billing contact or proxy