Mette Lundberg

Political director in the Danish IT Industry Association, Mette Lundberg will be the new chairwoman of the board for DIFO and Punktum dk

April 23rd 2024

DIFO and Punktum dk have, at the constituent board meeting, elected Mette Lundberg as the new chairperson for the boards of DIFO and Punktum dk.

"Our efforts creating a safe and secure internet has never been more important. You only need to make an announcement in an online newspaper to see how many people are affected by internet crime," says Mette Lundberg.

Mette Lundberg will be the third chairman of the board in DIFO and Punktum dk's 25-year history.

Professor dr.jur. Henrik Udsen is stepping down as chairman of the board

Mette Lundberg replaces Henrik Udsen, who is stepping down from the board after 13 years as chairman.

"The .dk domain forms a vital part of the Danish digital infrastructure. It has been a privilege to contribute to the work of providing companies, authorities and private individuals safe and cheap domain names," says Henrik Udsen.

During Henrik Udsen's chairmanship, DIFO and Punktum dk have taken a number of steps to renew the company, i.a. by a major technological innovation. And Punktum dk has made it simpler to have a domain name with the introduction of the possibility that you, as a registrant, can choose to let your registrar handle most of the domain name for you.

Punktum dk has also delivered concrete solutions to improve security on the Danish part of the internet, for example with the launches of the solutions sikkerpå and tjekpå

"I would like to thank all our member associations, board members and not least the dedicated employees in the organizations behind the .dk domain, DIFO and Punktum dk, for the cooperation and joint commitment that has led to the strong .dk that we all benefit from,” Henrik Udsen concludes.

The baton is carried on

"I think there is good reason to thank Henrik for his great efforts. Henrik has been a visible and significant chairman of the boards and has moved DIFO to a new place," says the newly elected chairman Mette Lundberg, who has been a member of the boards since 2015.

"We are standing firm and are ready to build on the role DIFO has with new initiatives in collaboration with the Internet parties," continues Mette Lundberg.

An important part of DIFO and Punktum dk's work is the dialogue and contact with the internet community. One means of this is the public hearings that DIFO and Punktum dk regularly hold.

"I am very much looking forward to the task and to carrying on the baton together with the rest of the board," Mette Lundberg concludes.