Approved characters for .dk domain names

Version 2.1, 26. April, 2023

1. About approved characters for .dk domain names

1.1 This document specifies which and how many characters a .dk domain name may contain.

2. Maximum number of characters

2.1 A .dk domain name may not contain more than 63 characters.

3. Approved characters

3.1 The following characters may be used when registering a .dk domain name:

  • All Danish letters (incl. æ, ø and å)
  • The letters ö, ä, ü, é and ß
  • Numbers from 0 to 9
  • Hyphen (-). However, a hyphen may not be the first or last character in the domain name.

A domain name cannot have two leading characters followed by two hyphens, e.g.

3.2 It is not possible to register domain names containing characters other than those mentioned in section 3.1 above.