Change name server on domain name externally

A change of name server on a domain name means moving the domain name from present DNS servers to future DNS servers.

DNS servers for .dk domain names must be approved by Punktum dk.

N.B. the domain name has to be found on the new DNS servers before you can order a change of name server.

n our self-service you must enter the domain name that you want to change name server on and the name of the primary DNS server that you want to move the domain name to.

The name on the primary DNS server is provided by your new ISP.

Anonymous change of name server

If you wish to use our service anonymous change of name server, please follow this link:

Tip for name server manager: To send your request about changing name server to us automatically, also directly from a browser, you need to specify the following parameters in your URL:

  • The domain name:
  • Primary ns-name:
  • Confirm: Submit=confirm

The entire URL should look like this (in one line):…

Check setup on nameservers

Our service "Check setup on nameservers" shows you how a name server replies for a domain name. This is very useful if a domain name stops behaving as normal, or if the domain name is being transferred to new name servers.

If you wish to lookup a nameserver, please follow this link: