Need information about someone else's domain?

If you need to be provided with specific information where you are not a registrant yourself, you must fill in this contact form.

Once we have received your request for information about someone else's domain or the registrant of another domain, we will assess whether you have a legal interest in having the information provided. On this basis, we make a decision on whether you can be given the information and, if so, what information you can be given. In your contact with us, it is therefore important that you describe what you will use the information for.

A legal interest is when the information may change your legal status or be required to make a claim. It is a legal interest when the information influence the outcome of a pending or upcoming lawsuit, or for a lawsuit to be brought.

If it concerns personal data, you should be aware that we can initiate a consultation with the registrant in question.

If you request contact information on registrants who are anonymous in our whois database, you can also contact a municipality. Read more here.

If you are requesting information on behalf of a registrant, please send a power of attorney in connection with your request.