The .dk domain

Since 1999, all .dk domain names have been managed by Danish Internet Forum (DIFO), an association of representatives of the internet community, and Punktum dk, a limited liability company. We have created a strong digital infrastructure, making the .dk domain a safe and secure place to be.

However, prior to 1999, other forces had carried out extensive preparatory work to bring the internet to Denmark.


DKUUG and .dk

The story of the Danish top-level domain, .dk, began back in 1987 when the Danish UNIX user group, DKUUG, was given permission to use .dk. The group was based at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen. The association managed both the name server service for all .dk domain names and the internet connection for many Danish businesses.


In 1993, DKUUG set up DK-Net A/S. This new company was an internet service provider (ISP) and was also responsible for the hostmaster function for .dk (name service).


TeleDanmark and liberalisation of the .dk domain

In 1996, DKUUG sold DK-Net A/S – including the hostmaster function – to TeleDanmark for DKK 20 million. However, many companies in the industry felt it was inappropriate for a commercial enterprise such as TeleDanmark to have control of the hostmaster function, because this could give them an advantage over competing ISPs. Consequently, the responsibility for .dk was handed over to the Association of Danish Internet Service Providers (FIL), while the practical administration of .dk remained with DK-Net A/S, which was owned by TeleDanmark.


In January 1997, FIL instigated the liberalisation of domain name registration, which made it possible for private individuals to register a .dk domain name. This option was previously only open to companies and institutions. Liberalisation led to a huge increase in interest for domain names. In January 1997, there were 7,736 registered .dk domain names, and by the end of 1999 this number had grown to around 140,000.


Establishment of DIFO and DK Hostmaster

As the success of the internet grew, so did the need to identify the best way to define responsibilities for allocation and administration of the .dk domain. On the initiative of the Danish Ministry of Research and FIL, the decision was made to allocate the job to an association, with members from various parts of the industry.

On the back of this, DIFO was founded on 1 July 1999. Since then, DIFO has held the responsibility for defining the overall guidelines for the .dk domain.

At the same time, DIFO acquired the hostmaster function from DK-Net A/S and set up the non-profit company DK Hostmaster A/S (today Punktum dk) to handle administration of the .dk domain.


The Danish Domain Names Act and tender process

For the first ten years, we handled the administration on the basis of an agreement with the then Ministry of Research. In 2005, the Danish Domain Names Act came into force and, ever since, the .dk domain has been managed based on this, with the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs as authoriser of the licence.


As an element of the Domain Names Act, the Danish Business Authority issued a public invitation to tender in 2008 for administration of the .dk domain for the next five years. Another operator also took up the challenge, but DIFO ultimately won the tender. The decision was taken based on a consultation that indicated huge support for DIFO from the wider Danish internet community.

In 2014, we had our administration licence extended to 2021.


Increased focus on a safe and secure .dk

In March 2014, a new and revised Domain Names Act was adopted, clearly stating that we are responsible for a database of accurate contact details for all Danish registrants of .dk domain names. On that basis, we initiated a major project in 2015 to collect accurate contact details for all customers.


In order to maintain an accurate database, we introduced ID checks when .dk domain names are registered. This means that Danish customers are required to use their MitID secure login, and customers from abroad are subjected to risk assessment. This increase in control has resulted in a drastic reduction in fake webshops on websites ending in .dk.


In 2019, DIFO’s licence to operate the .dk domain was again extended (to 2026) based on consultation with the internet community.

Today, we endeavour to ensure stable operation and the highest standard of security and service, to match the reality our customers face.


In April 2023 we changed our name to Punktum dk.

We want everyone who uses .dk domain names to be able to easily recognize us. All Danish domains end with .dk, and therefore it is easy to associate the name Punktum dk with us.