I have name and address protection. Who can see my information?

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If you have name and address protection, your personal data will not be publicly accessible. However, if you have an agreement with a third party, e.g. if you have appointed a proxy or billing contact to assist with managing and paying for your domain name, these third parties will be able to view your information.

However, this requires that they log in to our self-service portal with their user ID and password, or with their MitID if they have linked MitID to their user ID. If you have opted to have your domain name handled by a registrar, i.e. covered by registrar management, your registrar can also view your personal data.

In addition, Punktum dk discloses personal data to third parties who are entitled to receive such data under Danish legislation. This also applies to individuals whose name and address have protected status in the CPR register.

You can read more about our disclosure of personal data in Punktum dk’s privacy policy.