Suspendere domæner

Punktum dk has suspended two domain names due to phishing attempts

January 19th 2024

We have since the new year suspended two .dk domain names due to an obvious risk of phishing. Punktum dk carried out the suspension based on a risk of compromise of IT equipment, which is a special suspension rule described in our terms for the right of use for a .dk domain name.

The suspensions were carried out based on complaints about the .dk domain names in question. In one case, it was a domain name that could be confused with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' log-in page. In the second case, text messages were sent pretending to be from PostNord.

We appreciate complaints being filed, which can help improve online security. And we encourage everyone to pay extra attention if you experience something similar.

Punktum dk's option to suspend a domain name

As a provider of internet infrastructure, Punktum dk does not have the option to suspend .dk domain names of own operation. But Punktum dk can suspend and delete a .dk domain name on the basis of a complaint that clarifies that the following three points in the clause of the terms. 9.2 is fulfilled:

  1. The Domain Name is used in connection with an obvious risk of economic crime, compromising of IT equipment, for example phishing and malware distribution, and/or content of a highly offensive nature, and
  2. The use of the Domain Name creates a risk of confusion with the Domain Name, name, logo, trademark or other distinctive marks of another natural or legal person,
  3. The circumstances call for not awaiting a decision from the Complaints Board for Domain Names or the courts.

You can read more about our rules here