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We notify when a .dk domain name is misused

April 15th 2024

From April 2024, Punktum dk will start an initiative that informs registrants of .dk domain names if there is abuse on their domain names.

We do this to strengthen the security of the Danish part of the internet and to help the registrant if he or she is not aware that the domain name is being misused.

We believe it is important that the registrant knows about the abuse so that he can act on it.

Knowledge from international registers

We scan all .dk domain names daily using a tool which looks up a number of international registers and tells us which domain names have reported illegal activity.

The illegal activities can fall into eight different categories such as phishing, spam or malware. See all the categories and their definitions here.

We then inform the registrant of the domain name by email and give instructions on who to contact to resolve the problem. The name server manager for the domain name will also be notified of the abuse, as in the vast majority of cases it is this person who can put an end to the abuse.

It is important to state that Punktum dk cannot remedy the problem, but that it is only an information service that we provide.

Safety first

When navigating and using the internet, security is important. Always remember to have strong passwords. Also, it isa good idea to change passwords if your IT services have been compromised. We also recommend 2-factor authentication.