Cooperation with our registrars

It is possible to choose between two forms of cooperation regarding the handling of .dk domains.

Special conditions that you as a dealer must be aware of

Punktum dk has handled the .dk domain since 1999. Back in 1999, when DIFO, which owns Punktum dk, was established, the model according to which .dk is administered was created. Although the model has been adjusted several times since, it is still central to .dk that the registrant has a choice in the way they want their domain name to be handled.

Low prices and agreement with Punktum dk

Central to the model is the desire to ensure the registrant the lowest possible prices and an opportunity to purchase domain names without expensive links, if the registrant so wishes.

Another central part of the administration model for .dk is that a registrant who wants a right of use for a .dk domain must enter into an agreement both with a registrar and with Punktum dk.

In practice, this typically happens by concluding the agreement at the registrar at the same time as concluding the agreement there.

Management model

New registrants have, in connection with entering into an agreement, the opportunity to choose whether the desired domain is to be handled by the dealer or by Punktum dk.

If a domain name is registrar managed, Punktum dk will not communicate with the registrant, other than to ask the registrant to update contact information from time to time. For registrants who are registrant managed, Punktum dk will take care of all communication and all significant actions about and on the domain name. After the first year, Punktum dk will also take care of the ongoing invoicing.

ID check

It is central to Punktum dk's work that we carry out an identity check on all registrants. We carry out the identity check so that we know for sure who has the domain name and that this is validated. Since we continue to publish who has which domain names in our WHOIS database, we know that this has a preventive effect on the misuse of .dk domain names.

The identity check mainly takes place in connection with the registration of the .dk domain name with a registrar.

For Danish citizens, companies and associations, this identity check is carried out using MitID. For foreign citizens, companies and associations, this is done on a risk basis and with the submission of authoritative documents when necessary. Read more about our identity check here.

If the identity check fails, the domain name will be suspended and after 30 days the domain name will be deleted.

Punktum dk makes a number of services available to everyone who is a dealer with us. Read more about our services here.

Our systems are continuously developed in collaboration with the users of the individual services. We publish an overview of known bugs and prioritized changes on this page, where it also appears when which releases were made.

General prerequisites for registrars of .dk domain names

Regardless of what you offer, it is mandatory to have a registrar account with us. All your transactions with us are deducted from the registrar account, and  therefore there always have to be credit on it.

If a registrar offers name server service, it is an obligation to offer DNSSEC signing. Regisras that do not offer name server service will be required to inform the customer where DNSSEC signing can be done.

The obligation for the DNSSEC signature follows a specific requirement in the new executive order on the administration of .dk domain names. Read more here (in Danish only)

Incentive agreement with Punktum dk

As a registrar, you have the option of entering into an incentive agreement with us.

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