Registrar managed .dk domain

Some of our registars offer you that they handle everything regarding your .dk domain name. We call this registrar management.

If the registrar offers this service, you will be asked when registering a .dk domain name if you want registrar management.

In practice, registrar management means that:

  • All administration of your .dk domain is carried out exclusively by your registrar.
  • The registrar is responsible for paying the period fee, changing name servers, editing contact information and cancelling domain names on your behalf at Punktum dk.
  • You only have to turn to one place for support regarding your .dk domain.

The price for registrar management will vary from registrar to registrar.

The right to use the domain

Even if you are registrar managed, you still have the full right over your .dk domain name. You have an agreement on the right to use the domain name with Punktum dk, and you will be able to switch to managing your .dk domain yourself at any time.

You are asked to accept our terms of use and go through our ID check when you buy the .dk domain from your registrar.