Summary from registrar meetings 2024

April 19th 2024

Punktum dk hosted a registrar meeting on 21 March 2024 with physical attendance and one on 3 April 2024 with online participation.

The most important changes in the cooperation between us and our registrars can be seen in the list below.

All decisions and a summary from the meetings can be seen here.

The registrars option to pick up the token when switching to registrar management ceasesFrom 30 june 2025 it will no longer be possible for a registrar to move a registrant to registrar management without collecting a token. After this date, it will be necessary for the registrant to collect this token himself from Punktum dk's website.
Registrars will be required to support entering into an agreement with Punktum dk on their platformIn order to simplify our process and make the purchase experience as user-friendly as possible, we are phasing out flow 2 when registering domains. There are currently two methods for entering into an agreement. The difference between the two methods is described on the link below. The two flows were established in 2018 to provide the possibility that you, as a registrar, could also take care of the registrant's conclusion of the agreement with Punktum dk at the same time as the registrar concludes the agreement with the registrant. The vast majority of registrars today support the model where the agreement is concluded at the registrar. Read more here. The final date for when method 2 ends will be announced with 6 months notice in connection with the project New Portal. 
Yearly adjustment of prices From 2025, Punktum dk will adjust the price of a domain name annually. The adjustment will be based on the Danish price index. Registrants will be informed of the change directly. The price change will be published three months before on Punktum dk's website and will be implemented on 1 April every year.
Transfer fee discontinutedAs of 1 January, 2025 this fee will be discontinued partly to ease the handling of consolidation of domain names for registrars. 
DSU and NSU updateFrom 1 July 2024, our DS update service (DSU) will be shut down. Punktum dk will coordinate directly with remaining users on NS-updateservice (NSU) and announce a closure three months in advance. 
CVR validation of Danish companiesPunktum dk will include CVR validation of Danish companies when registering domains.